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Sport and Life Quality

About Us

For 15 years, the SLQ group has been committed to enhancing the life quality of those who live and work in sport.

Since the capacity of sport to deliver socially valued outcomes (e.g., health, well-being, sense of community, economic development) depends on the nature of sport program content and delivery, the work of the SLQ affiliates endeavors to identify how sport can be designed, managed, and marketed
to promote and enhance the life quality of individuals, families, and communities.


Across a variety of sport and sport for development (S4D) contexts, our research has examined the micro (employee, participant), meso (organizational), and macro (delivery system) elements of sport that illumine relationships between the ways that sport programs and systems are designed and implemented, on the one hand, and their consequent outcomes, on the other.

Our work has generally revolved around three main themes:

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